In 2015, Antonopoulos declared stocks worth $340,000 and an annual income of 70,000 euros. Papadimitriou in 2015 declared a portfolio of some $2.7 million and an income of over $450,000. Find link. language: ... I easily denied the existence of bitcoin and saw it as another fad like pet rocks which the younger generations would engage with and then quickly forget it in a year or two. Stage 2 – SKEPTICISM: In 2016 I saw enough bloggers writing about Bitcoin on the Internet, that I realized some individuals believed it was real. I paid some attention, but couldn’t make sense of it. It was ethereal ... Seven Antonopoulos Heavy metal Artist, Musical Artist, Person, Musician. Chris Antonopoulos is Greek-American rock drummer, most notably for his tenure in Opiate for the Masses. Rania Antonopoulos Economist, Person. Rania Antonopoulos, born Ourania Antonopoulou on 17 December 1960 in Athens, is a Greek heterodox economist and Syriza politician ... Rania Antonopoulos, viceministra de Trabajo, se había visto obligada a renunciar el lunes por haber obtenido durante casi dos años una ayuda mensual a la vivienda de 1.000 euros destinada a los ...

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